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We are a Digital Marketing Agency based in Paris, France.

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We have been helping SMEs and VSEs to develop an Online Communication Strategy. Our Marketing and Sales expertise and our fluency in languages and cultures reinforce our 360° vision of the world both online and offline since 2018.

Active listening, empathy and efficiency are the values that guide our actions in the daily support of our customers.

*Quinde, – Quinde is the Quechua name for the hummingbird, one of the smallest birds in the animal kingdom. While being very small, it moves very fast and has a lot of energy. Like the hummingbird, we are diligent and dynamic and we accompany you in the Internet jungle to help you realize your projects in the most efficient and sustainable way.



Nowadays, having an online presence has become one of the basic requirements for success.

Companies around the world are initiating or improving their digitalization process in order to attract a maximum number of customers and face the competition. Conscious of this reality, Gabriela Santana founded Quinde Digital in 2018 so that these companies can benefit from the support they need.

With a large experience in sales and account management within the digital industry, Gabriela and her talented team will help you identify your needs and set your digital strategy so that you can focus on your business.

Do you need a website? Do you want to advertise your business on Facebook? Are you looking for a digital marketing strategy to boost your online presence? Attracting new customers is your priority? Quinde Digital is here to accompany you and to find the solutions that best suit your needs.

We offer you clear, efficient and budget-friendly support!

photo Gabriela Santana paris

Gabriela Santana

Digital Project Manager